Accentstone Panel

Accentstone veneer panels integrate larger stones in to a linear pattern with softly varying profiles to give it just the right amount of depth. The larger stones in the panel bring a level of dimension and texture which is especially ideal for large scale installation.

Ideal for large and small scale projects, the Accentstone collection offers a large variety of colors The true beauty of this natural product is that each individual piece is unique, although the overall look is within one tonal range.

Accentstone Panels work well in both interior and exterior applications. The upscale look of natural stone, brings sophistication and elegance to any commercial and residential space.


  • Interior Walls
  • Exterior Walls
  • Stone Type: Slate, Sandstone & Quartzite
  • Stone Finish: Large & Smooth

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Nominal Sizes

  • 6" x 24"